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Principal's Message

August 2023

Dear Compton High School Scholars, Families, Staff, and Community,

We are very fortunate and honored to be entrusted with engaging, educating, and empowering your students (also known as scholars) to be future ready without remediation. “Elevating Our Legacy” is our motto because we clearly understand that we sit on the shoulders of alumni, staff, administration, district leadership, and the community who have been with Compton High School and the district for many years. Our 127 year history is a testimony of scholar achievement that will go through continuous improvement in the next three years.

We are looking forward to:

·       Engaging our scholars with project and work based learning and assisting them with activities that are meaningful to them while also informing important community issues to solve

·       Educating our scholars to meet curriculum standards with rigor and fidelity

·       Empowering our scholars to think critically, to communicate effectively, to be creative with their research, and to collaborate with their peers and teachers to eventually transition to college and their first career

·       Creating a safe and welcoming learning environment where scholars and staff are kind, inclusive, empathetic, and anti-racist

·       Having some fun in order to make high school a positive and memorable experience


We want to welcome all our returning staff and teachers. We have strong institutional memory where the average teacher has taught at Compton High School for about 10 years. It is great to see a high rate of retention among our faculty members. We want to also welcome new staff members and those with a new role:

·       Emad Ali, Drama Teacher

·       Lara Alsaid, ELA/ELD Teacher

·       Brandon Casas, Plant Worker

·       Ana Chicas De Gonzalez, Plant Worker

·       Marlene Gonzalez, Activities Director (New Role)

·       Kelli Hutchins, Campus Security Assistant

·       Angel Lester, Campus Security Assistant

·       Nicholas Redick, Assistant- Baseball Coach

·       Dr. Merlinda Torreon, 21st Century Specialist (New Role)


We are excited to get to work. Our immediate focus will be to continue to build systems for a safe learning environment; for every scholar to be on time to class; to have our scholars dressed for success; and to be surrounded by professional language that is used in the business. We wish everyone success.


Dr. Larry Natividad