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The mission of Compton High School is to empower teachers to facilitate their student's learning and to create an environment where students can attain their highest potential in personal and academic excellence.

The following guiding principles reflect the mission:

  • The Compton High Community will continue to promote a safe and secure learning and social environment through inclusive extra-curricular and after-school activities.
  • Teachers will continue to foster an environment that promotes scholastic curiosity.
  • Students will actively seek knowledge and skills to become visionary, innovative learners.
  • Teachers will foster student success through a rigorous college preparatory and career-focused program designed to promote social, professional and academic growth.
  • Students will acquire skills to synthesize, evaluate and apply classroom learning to real-world applications and be accountable for their academic achievement.
  • The Compton High Community and Parent Center will continue to engage parents in the educational process for their child's continuous academic achievement.